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13 August 2007 @ 08:55 pm
When roses are green | Completed  
When roses are green | Completed

WHO: Yunoki, Wolfram
WHERE: Yunoki's dressing room
SUMMARY/WARNING: It's after the shopping, and sleepover, and all, and Wolfram's angry, Yunoki's jealous..... lover's quarrel perhaps? XD and oh, drama~
RATING: R (just to be safe, cause... cursing, and anger, and.... drama.... >> )

Nursing the bandage on his hand, Wolfram steadily walked... or rather ran on the corridors, pushing everyone who happened to be in his way towards Yunoki's dressing room. He already searched for the comedian in his room, but he couldn't find him there.
The blond's show ended not long ago, but he didn't change his clothes, he was still in one of his performance costumes, because he wanted to talk with Yunoki as soon as he can.
"Stupid, stupid, stupid....!" he hissed, as he grabbed the door handle, and practically tore open the door. "Yunoki!" he shouted stepping in, but noone was there. He stood there for a second staring at a mirror nearby, trembling from anger. "ARGH!" he screamed and kicked the closest dressing table.
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wolf_the_dancer on August 13th, 2007 09:48 pm (UTC)
"At least I didn't fuck him!" shouted the blonde. He knew it's not true... He believed Yunoki would never do anything like that, but hos anger drove him. He wanted to hurt the other, so so bad for a reason.

Wolfram immediately tried to step back. His eyes gone wide, staring at the other. "I was angry! I couldn't concentrate, it's not a big deal, n-not everything is about you..." he tried to say it confident, but Yunoki was touching him and it made things much more difficult.
Instead of hurting him, he wanted to kiss him, dig his fingers into his hair, and taste his skin, his lips again...