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13 August 2007 @ 01:27 am
Of Lunch & Swordplay | {IN PROGRESS}  

Of Lunch & Swordplay | {IN PROGRESS}

WHO: Luke, Riku, Sora, Naminé and Kairi
WHERE: Courtyard/Garden thing at the Pavilion. Then the Park ~!
SUMMARY/WARNING: Sora runs into Luke when he arrives to met Kairi and Riku for their picinic in the park. Sora is Sora and Luke is Luke. Somehow Luke will agree to come along to the picnic ~ Riku and Kairi interrupt and they all go have a hap-hap-happy lunch ~!
RATING: PG/PG-13. Nothing bad here, maybe some brooding from RIku!

The wood slashed through the air as cleanly as a metal blade.  Daytime at the Pavilion tended towards quiet.  Not many customers came before the afternoon let alone when it was still early enough to be called morning and a good number of the workers were still asleep.  Luke didn’t believe in rising early but he liked this hour because no one ever bothered him

It felt like home with only the sound of his practice sword singing through the air and his breathing echoing in his ears.  He’d never been all that fond of his home but being in the Pavilion had actually managed to make him home sick.  He would have grinned or laughed if there was any humor in the fact that he missed his old prison but there wasn’t so he let the practiced motions soothe his nerves.  Slash, wide slash, thrust, Fang Blade.  An old combo but a reliable one.  Not that he had anyone to practice against here. 

Luke paused as he was about to move into another series of movements, arm wound back, muscles tense.  It just wasn’t as fun without impact, was it?  Even better was when his master used to deflect his attacks, twisting his sword out of his hand and throwing him back.  One day he’d wanted to be just as good but now he wasn’t even learning anymore.  It pissed him off.  

After his last and first visit to the Pavilion it had become clear to him ( or made clear rather ) that he had to wait outside the building instead of inside for Riku, unless he wanted to end up swept away by the unsavory types. So upon his arrivial he entered the building and quickly walked the way Riku had showed him towards the outside garden area.
 He was practically on time! Which mean he was about ten minutes late, so when he came crashing through the door that lead outside he was huffing and puffing from his run through the building. He half expected Riku and Kairi to be waiting for him, which was why he burst out without even realizing who was there,"I'm sorry I'm late!"
 After about a second, Sora blinked confused like. There was no witty retort about his inability to be punctual. Silence. In fact, Riku and Kairi weren't even there! Confused and a little embarassed Sora scuffled his shoe against the ground before he stepped away from the door.

Reflexively Luke shot a glare to the person who had burst into the little courtyard that he’d claimed as his territory.  It was one of the few places that Luke was mostly sure he’d find no sex toys or condoms or massage oils, just half tended flower and swept cobblestone.  
 He eyed the boy that had invaded the oft-abandoned garden.  Luke didn’t recognize his face and honestly he looked too young or too niave, even more so than Luke, to be an employee here.  He wiped sweat from his brow with the sleeve of his track suit, glare softening and scowl slipping into a more neutral expression.  The tip of his sword scratched the uneven ground as he lowered his arm.  

He felt a bit like a display standing in the middle of the courtyard, like it was a stage.  Luke moved to set his training sword down on one of the benches and glanced at the other boy again.  “What are you late for?” he asked, almost curious, if he didn’t work here than what was he doing here?  The thought that he might be a customer didn’t occur to Luke because that was even more ridiculous than him being a whore.

Sora totally did a double take when he realized he wasn't alone. So much for not feeling embarassed. The naive brunette gave a sudden nervous laugh as his hand was brought up above his head. "Ah someone's here! I didn't even notice!"
 Ok so he wasn't helping himself really, but at least the person he walked in on seemed to be about as old as him. Sora took a few steps closer to the red head before he explained. "My friends - they work here. We were meeting up today to go on a picnic."
 Of course, Sora found himself distracted as he came even closer and noticed the wooden sword. His blue eyes light up brightly, "Oh COOL! A wooden sword! Is it yours?" He spoke a mile a minute, and with great enthuasim in regards to the sword. 

 “Uh…yeah.”  Luke held out the sword for the other boy to see, a little taken back by his enthusiasm.  He should have been used to it given that he’d been ambushed by Demyx once or twice but he thought it was a rare illness of somesort.  Or at least not something commonly seen at a whorehouse.  

The surface of the sword was smooth except for a few scratches.  It was relatively new, he’d received it just a few weeks before moving to the Pavilion and since being here…well Luke had no one to practice against and no dummies to destroy.  So it was close to flawless.  Luke could almost point out how and when each scratched was received.  Lovingly scarred, that’s what the sword was.  “Who are you?”   People had friends outside of this place?  Who was the kid friends with?  Actually Luke probably wouldn’t know the person since he made an effort to keep to himself.  Roxas and Demyx were just…accidents, Luke continued to have no desire to befriend anyone even if he was grudgingly fond of them.  He wouldn’t admit that out loud anytime soon though.

Sora was like a kid being offered a toy he had been eyeing all year. He took the blade and immediatly leapt back giving it a quick chop through the air. Then a slice accompanied with what he believed to be awesome cool fighting sounds. Obviously, it would seem he had no idea what he was doing ( that however, was far from the truth ). He was just having a good time was all!
 "I'm Sora!" He said as he looked up, the sword's hilt was twirled in his hand and brought up quickly so it was resting on his shoulder. His free hand was made into a fist and pointed at his chest as he offered the other a wide grin. "What about you? What's your name?"

Luke stared at Sora, he seemed like what normal kids would be like or so Luke imagined.  And that made him totally out of place and out of Luke’s range of experience.  “I’m Luke,” he answered almost dumbly without any smart remarks on the side.  There was really nothing else to say as he watched Sora twirl his wooden sword.  
 He didn’t even feel inclined to reclaim his property.  Luke just watched Sora play with his sword, wondering if he was supposed to say something.  Conversation, two people talking that’s what it was.  Was he supposed to converse?  It was awkward and uncomfortable because it was new, too open ended, Luke had no idea how to respond.  “…aren’t you supposed to meet someone?” 

"Nice to meet you," he said with the same bright and warm smile in place. If anything Sora was absolutely just your average run of the mill ( a little hyper albeit emotional ) kid. The sword was bumped from his shoulder and extended back out towards Luke.
 "Yea' ... my friends Riku and Kairi. They work here, Riku told me to meet him out here," he let out a nervous laugh and figured it was best not to explain why. "We're going on a picnic at the park. There probably just getting stuff, I'm sure they'll be down soon."
 He paused for a brief second then added, "So do you know how to fight? Were you practicing? I didn't interrupt you did I?"

Yes. No. No.  The answers were in his head before he could give them verbally because Sora asked them too fast.  Though Luke usually told people they were interrupting whether or not it was completely true.  “Someone taught me and it’s something to do around here,” it came slowly like his brain and mouth were lagging. 
 The name seemed to ring a bell, faintly anyways.  “Kairi…?  She’s a maid, right?”  Luke had only really spoken to a few of the maids that worked around the Pavilion and he hadn’t actually gotten the names from most of them.  There were no female prostitutes working at the Pavilion though so it was a good guess.  He took his sword from Sora finally, holding it in both hands and staring at it rather than the brunette. 

"She is! Riku's a trainee?" He supposed that was the right word, "We've been friends since we were kids." He didn't seem put off in the least that his questions weren't answered, he supposed the answers were kinda obvious anyway.
 "Something to do? You mean when you're not working? You could go out you know... ? Like Riku, he's not really doing anything today and neither is Kairi so we're going to the park." He rocked back and forth on his heels. 

 “Oh…” Luke took a step back, for no reason really other than to be a l little further away.  Friends, for a long time, Luke frowned and rubbed at the surface of his sword.  “You should go meet them then,” he told Sora a little uncomfortably.
 He knew he was allowed to go out in the Pavilion now, it wasn’t like when he’d lived in the manor but he hadn’t.  He didn’t even know where there was to go so it didn’t even feel like a loss at all.  He’d just stay here until he finally left this place, with <i>his</i> friends and then he could go wherever he wanted.  

Sora laughed, "I am meeting them. Here. They should be here soon enough, I really shouldn't linger inside." Not after the last time, Riku got a little upset with him for almost wandering off with someone he didn't know. It was easier this way.
 "Something wrong?" He caught that frown, so he had to ask. Sora was nice like that.

“No,” Luke shrugged easily, twirling the sword and letting it rest against his shoulder.  Almost exactly like Sora had.  He kicked one foot bath and forth, fidgetting because he didn’t want to just stand here but he couldn’t go because there was nowhere to go.  This was where he’d planned to waste time until he had appointments much later in the day.  
 “I’m going,” Luke announced abruptly as he finaly turned away from Sora.  He could come back later, when it was no longer occupied.  At least he wouldn’t have to wonder about how he was supposed to respond or what was considered normal. 

"OH WAIT! DON'T GO!" Sora flailed in a confused manner, he felt like maybe he had asked something he shouldn't have. "I didn't mean anything... Its just!" He flailed again and followed after Luke and when he got close enough he added in extra speed and burst around him so he was facing the other again.
 "You um -- you wouldn't want to come out with my friends I would you? Have lunch in the park? We might even paddle boat! It'll be fun!" He asked with a very wide and hopeful grin! C'mon he was so hard to resist!

Luke’s shoulders drew back a little in surprise when Sora raced in front of him and blurted out that invitation.  Did he want to?  “No, they’re your friends.”  He wasn’t sure what a paddle boat was or what a picnic was really like.  Luke’s lips pulled into a line that might have been a grin until it flattened out half way.
 “…thanks though.”  He didn’t thank people often and meant it even more rarely but he meant it now.  Luke thought so anyways, though he didn’t want to go.  Not with a bunch of strangers that had known each other longer than Luke could remember back into his own life.

Sora frowned, displaying clear disappointment. However, he was stubborn and not one to give up. Especially, when he thought he may have upset someone. Total stranger or not, Sora was the type of person who honestly cared about other people. Whether he knew them or not, "Awe, c'mon Luke! It'll be fun!"

maidkairi on August 13th, 2007 06:32 am (UTC)
The sound of a body thud on the ground could be heard distinctly.

"Ow..." Kairi yelped as she lifted herself up off the ground.

She looked at her clock and saw the time. She yawned casually and noted to herself that it was much later than she usually woke up. Today was her day off, so she shrugged off the time. Her stomach rumbled and she could almost smell breakfast.

"Guess I'll make myself some tea! And maybe some toast with strawberry jam on it..." she continued mumbling to herself.

Whilst sipping her tea, Kairi knew that she was forgetting something. But how could she? Today was her day off and she didn't have a care in the world. Her plate was now bare of the toast that had been there only five minutes previous, and her cup of tea was nearly empty. The sounds of sips growing shorter and shorter were noticeable if you paid enough attention to it. With a last sip she finished off the tea and headed back into her room.

Lingering in her doorway, Kairi again felt odd, as if she was forgetting something really important.

"What could it be..." she pondered as she walked towards her diary. Maybe by some chance she wrote down something she was supposed to do, and it might be in her diary. She flipped to the last written-on page and glanced at it briefly.

"......Sora! And Riku, in the garden! I was supposed to meet them there! I'm so late!" she screamed. Hurriedly she put on a pink dress that she usually saved for her days off. She scrambled out of her door towards the entrance to the almost always deserted garden.

She arrived nearly out of breath, just in time to see Sora talking to one of the Pavilion employees, Luke. Luke was a strange fellow, he seemed to have a knack for scaring people off, whether with his attitude or his requests for impossible things. He didn't scare her off, she was far too tolerant of everyone's behavior. Luckily, Sora didn't seem to scare off too easily either.

"Hey Sora, sorry I'm late! I completely forgot today was our day for the picnic." Kairi exclaimed, blushing a brilliant shade of crimson. For some reason the boy in front of her had some ability to make her knees quake. She kept her composure as best she could.

"Hi Luke! What're you doing out here with Sora?" She changed the subject as quickly as possible as to not draw attention to her now red face. Taking a quick look around, she noticed the obvious. Riku wasn't there either.

"Sora, where'd Riku head off to? Has he been out here yet?" Kairi was so flustered that she forgot she had even asked Luke a question in the first place. Today was going to be interesting if she couldn't keep her cool.
Sora: Hearthislight on August 15th, 2007 03:07 am (UTC)
Sora was still attempting to get Luke to give into his request to come along to the picnic. He didn't need to know the other boy to need a reason to be nice. It was Sora's best and his worse quality. One of these days it was bound to get him into trouble ( but that's why Riku usually was around, he kept Sora out of those bad situations or stopped them from occuring in the first place ).

When Kairi came bursting through the garden doors, Sora turned quickly when he heard his name and lifted a hand to wave. Truth be told, this was the first time he was meeting Kairi. Upon seeing the young magenta haired girl, he did a double take and found himself without words.

Maybe the tips of his cheeks were pink because he was embarassed, or maybe it was just because he had been outside for most of the day. Who could say? "Riku?" Ok a subject he could handle. "I thought he was with you?" The brunette blinked a little and gave a shrug as he lifted his arms up behind his head. "He's probably just taking care of some things, he'll be here."

Sora knew from growing up with him that if Riku said he'd be here he would, so Sora had faith that he would show up any minute. "Hey Kairi ~ tell Luke he should come with us. It'll be fun ~ !" Haha two against one now ~ Sora figured Luke had to give in now.
Lukeyielded on August 15th, 2007 05:32 am (UTC)
He glanced back and forth between Sora and Kairi. They were the kind that were a lot alike, weren’t they? Luke knew they couldn’t actually be much younger than he was but the big eyes staring up at him made him think of… Well animals since Luke had never had company his own age or younger. He glanced around as if to be sure no one else was there, just the three teenagers.

“No, you guys go with your friend. I’ll stay here,” his tone was almost uncharacteristically gentle. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t want to go with them, he just didn’t think he should. Going out to a completely unfamiliar place with completely unfamiliar people. He just didn’t want to. They were friends with each other, old friends, and no matter the kindness behind the invitation it only reminded Luke of the people he missed the most.

Luke opened and closed his mouth a few times in indecision, gaze flickering and unwilling to settle. “Thanks though.” A genuine thank you from Luke was rare.
maidkairi on August 16th, 2007 02:53 am (UTC)
Kairi stood there for a moment, still slightly red but much less than previously. If Luke were to come, it would most likely force conversation to erupt, rather than if it were just Sora, Riku, and Kairi, with Sora and herself staring at each other while Riku coordinated all the talking.

"It would be a lot less awkward.... plus Luke's a nice guy." she muttered to herself.

"Luke, you should come! You won't be a burden, and it'll be a lot of fun! Come on." she said, grinning through the whole request. "It couldn't hurt, right?"

She waited intently for a response.
Luke: TRK09: ONLY LONELY GLORYyielded on August 16th, 2007 04:02 am (UTC)
A faint scowl touched his face again, Luke tossed his head haughtily whatever gentleness that he’d shown vanishing easily. “Who said I was afraid of being a burden? I don’t want to go, so don’t make me repeat myself.”

He didn’t want to go because he didn’t want himself to have anything to mope about but he didn’t want to explain that and didn’t have the patience to turn it down anymore gently than he already had. Luke was never good at politeness or subtlety and it suited him fine. People responded more quickly if he just got to the point. And even if he didn’t relish whatever wince or downcast gaze his harsh words caused he didn’t like to wait to be left alone.

“Just leave me alone,” he demanded directly as simply as he demanded left-handed crayons and oddly flavoured ice-cream. He had nothing against them but he wasn’t going to sit around to be their ice breaker nor did he want their concern or sympathy for whatever imagined unhappiness they saw in him.
Riku: RIKU // ­¬.¬ omgstfusilvernightfall on August 16th, 2007 09:21 pm (UTC)
"Didn't you hear? The guy doesn't wanna come."

Riku. He seemed to appear out of nowhere, but he had been there for quite some time, watching, spying in silence from his room. His arms crossed over his chest, he leaned against the door and stared at them all, wondering why the hell they were insisting so much on having that guy around.

A hustler too, no less.

"You've gotta pay him if you want him to stay... if you know what I mean," he said, his tone harsh and the grin on his lips a wicked smile.

Scornful. Disdainful. Not the kind of smirks he usually gave, not when Sora was around anyway. Sora. He eyed him for a moment, his heart torn; a part of him wanted to hold him tight in his arms and kiss him breathlessly, while the other wanted to circle his little neck with his hands and...

Luke, you should come! You won't be a burden, and it'll be a lot of fun!

He frowned slightly, taking a step forward at last.

"Strangers aren't welcome. Now get your stuff ready and let's go."
maidnamine: Another Sidemaidnamine on August 17th, 2007 02:58 am (UTC)
"Um I hope I'm not late." The door opened and a figure emerged. It was Naminé, carrying a messenger bag and a basket.

"I didn't know if you guys already had supplies and food, but I got some just in case," smiling shyly at everyone she held out the basket, which was full of food, and a couple of blankets.

Glancing around, she didn't recognize the brown-haired kid who stood by Kairi. "So that must be Sora..." she thought. She also spotted Luke, who looked disgruntled. Surprised, she wondered why he was there, but suddenly realized that most of them didn't know her.

She looked down at the grass while she introduced herself in a quiet voice. "Oh yeah..my name is Naminé."

Sora: A smile that makes you smile backhislight on August 17th, 2007 03:22 am (UTC)

Oh that probably wasn't the best thing to say and Sora found himself flushing again. It wasn't even Luke that was making things awkward. It was just, it was ... !

"Riku!" Sora's voice cracked as the Silver haired boy finally spoke up, and it seemed that things were moving far too fast and out of control for the brunette to even keep up with. The sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach also made him realize that Riku probably was there for a while ( or at least watching ). How much did he catch? Probably all of it ... inwardly, he wanted to groan a little. He knew how Riku could be.

Sora eased a bit closer to Luke as he lifted his hands, "No, you WOULDN'T an ice breaker! That's not what we meant at all, its just its such a nice day and going out to have a nice lunch and play is more fun than just sitting around here, right?"

Looking back to Luke he shook his head, "You aren't a stranger! Well, I know you about as well as I know Kairi ---" then Naminé appeared through the door's and Sora's face light up even more.

He waved polietly to the blonde haired girl and offered her a warm and welcoming smile. "You aren't late at all!"

Now back to the subject at hand, Sora shot a determined look and in all his stubborness continued what he started to say before. "Kairi and Naminé are strangers to me too, so if Luke can't come they shouldn't be able to either!" He was about to suggest they just eat here, it was nice out in the Gardens Sora had no idea.

Sora paused for a second to look back at Riku, "If he was busy with work, he'd be inside right? Besides look at his sword! Its like what we used to do when we were kids, isn't it cool!?"
Luke: TRK15: DUKE'S SONyielded on August 17th, 2007 04:24 am (UTC)
Luke wasn’t sure what to do. Peers were a whole new experience for him, he didn’t know how to react to how insistent Sora was that he went to the picnic or whatever. So he just said whatever came to mind, “What’s a picnic anyways?”

It seemed like a better thing than asking why their friend seemed so anal retentive or telling the silver haired brat that he didn’t do groups or some other smart response.
Riku: RIKU // glare [doujin]silvernightfall on August 17th, 2007 06:07 am (UTC)
Kairi and Naminé are strangers to me too, so if Luke can't come they shouldn't be able to either!

Riku didn't even bother greeting Naminé as the rage inside him started to build up dangerously. Sora. Why the hell was he insisting so much? The glance he shot him was blinded by utter annoyance, and he stopped right in front of him, tall and dark and pissed like he'd never been before.

Oh, he had known right as he had awakened that this day wouldn't be a good one.

"Why're you so keen on siding with him?" he snapped, not caring that Luke was actually there listening to them. "Didn't you hear? He doesn't want to come with us."

He looked around and frowned at Kairi, who in his mind was just encouraging Sora. Yes, he knew his lover could be that nice, and maybe everything had been said out of simple kindness... but Riku could be an impulsive bastard, and often he found himself overwhelmed by his emotions.

The darker ones, anyway.

Besides look at his sword! Its like what we used to do when we were kids, isn't it cool!?

He didn't like the sound of that. It felt as though Sora was inviting him in their private bubble, the memories that had always been theirs, and theirs only. An intruder, that was what he was, and Riku wasn't too quick on befriending people... much less people Sora seemed so interested in.

"But since you insist so much, why don't you just go and leave with him? I'm just gonna go back to work."
maidkairi on August 17th, 2007 06:31 am (UTC)
A kind gesture, an invitation for one to join lunch, and an argument had broken out. Why had it started? Kairi didn't even remember. She just knew that she had to try to stop it.

"Riku, come on, you gotta come with us! You've been promising me that you'd take me out to lunch forever!" She shot a puppy-dog glance at Riku; she would at least try to guilt him into it, if he didn't cave at the fact that he would be breaking a promise to his dear friend.
"And... having Luke along won't be so bad, Naminé packed too much food for only four people. We shouldn't waste it."

She lingered for a moment, and then stared at Luke.

"Come on Luke. I'd love for you to come along, really. A picnic is all about a group of people sharing food with each other in the warming sun, and we'd really love to have you." Kairi said this as genuinely as possible, as she really did mean it.
maidnamine: Intensitymaidnamine on August 17th, 2007 06:34 pm (UTC)
Waving back at Sora, Naminé looked around her, confused. What the heck was going on? Whatever happened to the happy lunch and picnic Kairi said they were going to do? Nervous, she sat down on the grass. She didn't know how to interfere, so she decided to be neutral and sit this one out. She sighed.

Naminé packed too much food for only four people. We shouldn't waste it.
It was true, she did pack too much food, she actually came prepared, which was pretty rare of her.

"I really did come at the wrong time," she thought. "I hope the rest of the day isn't going to be like this..." she sighed again.

What’s a picnic anyways?

Desperate for any kind of distraction, she answered Luke's question even though she fully knew that Kairi already did.

"Yeah, a picnic is when food is brought to be shared and people just have a good time out in the open air. It actually is pretty fun."

Naminé leaned back on her palms, wondering where this argument is going to go.
Sora: R/S; I am a sapheadhislight on August 18th, 2007 05:30 am (UTC)
"It'll be fun! Even more if you come, how come you don't know what a picnic is?" Sora blinked a little confused. "If you never been on one that's all the more reason to go!"

Riku's words distracted him and suddenly confused and a bit put off by Riku's sudden attitude he whirled around to place him in front of the silver haired boy. His palms were pointed up between the two and they shook wildly.

"WAIT WAHT DO YOU MEAN GO BACK TO WORK! YOU PROMISED WE'D ALL GO OUT!" Riku looked as if he might end up crying over that, it was possible. He was known to snap at the drop of a dime if something was upsetting enough. "I'm not siding with anyone! I just think it'd be nice if he came along is all..." he looked down towards the ground with a shrug. "If he's never been on a picnic it seems like a shame, plus its so nice out why is it such a bad thing if one more person joins us?"

Sora looked up straight at Riku with those bright blue eyes. C'mon Riku you couldn't say no now could you?
Luke: TRK14: NOCERyielded on August 19th, 2007 01:13 am (UTC)
Was this normal, Luke couldn’t help but to wonder. If socializing with his own age group got this annoying it really wasn’t worth the effort. But then he saw Sora, oh god he knew that look. It was the “I’m about to cry if you don’t do things my way” look, he’d used that often enough that he could easily recognize it.

He could feel a headache building behind his temple. He ran a hand through his hair, eyeing the two girls to see if they had any plan of action as to how to stop the noise. But then when Luke used to throw his fits it was rarely the maids that calmed him down. It was up to Riku. Who appeared to be a jackass.

“I’ll go if he doesn’t leave because I’m going,” Luke commented with a slight toss of his head, hoping that Riku would take the hint and go along with Sora’s plan. Damnit, he got enough headaches without outside noise adding to it.
Riku: RIKU // comtemplative [doujin]silvernightfall on August 19th, 2007 01:38 am (UTC)
Riku couldn't resist that gaze Sora offered him, and whether or not he did it on purpose, he knew right when he started into his blue eyes that he was doomed.

Sora was the master of his heart, and it would always be that way, no matter what he did.

"Saphead...," he started, reaching out slowly.

But he stopped himself, realizing they weren't alone. He knew he was being a jerk, but he just couldn't help it. It bothered him to hear Sora insist so much; Sora was his, and he didn't like to share... and right now, the idea of Sora being all buddy-buddy with people he didn't know really annoyed him.

... what if he found someone else?

"Fine," he muttered, eyeing Luke quickly. "Looks like I've got no choice. I'm hungry, let's go."

And he turned around, waiting for them to follow him, his soul aching for Sora's touch and smile.
maidkairi on August 19th, 2007 05:21 am (UTC)
Kairi sighed with relief.

"The altercation is finally over, now we can just get to enjoying the sun and being with each other!" she thought to herself.

"Alright, now we're good to go! Anybody need to grab anything before we're off? We won't be back for a few hours, I think, so it'd probably be good if you brought along anything you think you might need..." she realized she was probably talking in vain as there was really nothing except the food and the blanket that needed to be taken on a picnic. Before she took back the statement, she realized that she inadvertently stopped the awkward silence, as the others started to mutter things to each other and themselves.
maidnamine: Awww =3maidnamine on August 19th, 2007 05:46 am (UTC)
Naminé smiled, happy that everything was finally resolved.

"Well I got everything that I need. Food, blankets, the basket, and my backpack~ Kairi, I think everyone is ready~~" She responded with enthusiasm.

Naminé got up, smoothed out her dress, and started to head off in the direction Riku was going. Thinking that it would be wise to not get too close to Riku at his current mood, she chose to be around the others. Looking curiously at Luke, she asked, "If you don't mind me asking...how come you don't know what a picnic is?"
Sora: R/S; I will follow you foreverhislight on August 19th, 2007 04:17 pm (UTC)
"Really?!" Sora erupted into a smile as Riku turned and gave in and begun to walk on. He smiled back at the other two girls and offered them a thumbs up before he grinned at Luke. With a welcoming wave he motioned for him to join them. "C'mon then! I bet we could even rent a paddle boat."

Sora leapt forward with a hop and after a couple of fast steps he was just a step besides Riku. Who would have found himself rewarded when the brunette leapt at his backside. "Riku ~" Sora said as he came to land against the other. His legs of course hooked on Riku's side and his arms around the other's neck. He wasn't afraid of being dropped, Riku would never let him fall. He might've been a little too big for a piggy back ride but it gave him a chance to brush his face into the other's neck, lips spread into a smile that sure felt against his skin.

For the quickest of moments Sora let his lips touch, before he eased back his head with and released a happy laugh. Though he added in retort for earlier, "I'm not a saphead. Grumpy."
Luke: TRK11: STRE FORTEyielded on August 19th, 2007 08:09 pm (UTC)
Luke made a show of rolling his eyes at the thumbs up though he kept his word and trailed along with the group. But with relative peace restored Luke allowed himself to relax, if he had to go he might as well try to make it worthwhile. He eyed the blonde girl that he’d paid little attention to up to that point.

“I just don’t,” he replied Naminé with a faint shrug of his shoulders. There wasn’t really any other explanation unless he wanted to give out the longwinded one about his entire life and that was just a waste of breath. “Well…I know now,” he continued just as casually. Luke wasn’t smiling but at the very least his expression was approachable. He found the maids and female workers far more tolerable than most of his male “co-workers,” maids especially were a familiar presence.

Luke tucked his training sword into his belt, so that he wouldn’t have to drag it along as they walked to wherever the hell they were going. “What’s your name again?” he asked Naminé, showing more interest in the two girls than the lovebirds up ahead. Luke just kind of assumed that any male that worked or associated with the Pavilion was at least bisexual if not flaming gay.
Rikusilvernightfall on August 20th, 2007 03:19 am (UTC)
Sora's sudden joy didn't go unnoticed, and Riku felt his heart sank as he started walking away; he wanted him to be happy, always, just like he was now, to see his smile and the sparkles in his beautiful eyes, but he knew that his stupid insecurities would always end up torturing him. Sora was far too kind to have to deal with such jerky behaviors...

... and realizing this just made him feel worse, for he knew that someone else out there could probably treat him better. It was a vicious circle, and there was no helping it.

"H-hey!" he jumped as he felt a new weight on his back, and he knew even before he heard him that Sora had literally leapt on him.

I'm not a saphead. Grumpy.

I'm sorry, he wanted to say, but the words were stuck in his throat. He smiled a little as he felt Sora's lips brush against his skin, and he reached behind him to hold him, his hands supporting his thighs. He wasn't really heavy, but even if he were, Riku wouldn't have dropped him for anything in the world.

"Just tell me beforehand next time, will you?" he couldn't help but scowl him, but his tone was more gentle this time. "I don't like that kind of... surprise."

He turned his head to see if the others were following them, avoiding looking at Luke and waving at the girls instead.
maidkairi on August 20th, 2007 07:49 pm (UTC)
"Okay, so I thought we'd head over to the lake. I.... I forget what it's called, but it's really pretty, especially this time of year!" Kairi didn't notice that as she said this, she had fallen a little behind.

She quickly caught up to the others and took pace besides Naminé.

"Sidestepped a really bad situation, huh sis?" She gleemed at the thought that most of the possible conflict had been avoided. "So what did you pack? I forgot I was supposed to help you, I'm really sorry!"
maidnaminemaidnamine on August 21st, 2007 04:42 am (UTC)
Naminé nodded at Luke's vague answer. Most people at the Pavilion had an interesting story, but she knew that it'd probably be private. She was fine if they didn't want to share.

"Hmm? Oh, my name is Naminé...Yours is Luke, right?" She looked at him, smiling slightly.

Hearing Kairi come up beside her, she turned to grin at her. "Haha, yeah. It's a good thing it got solved. Otherwise this trip probably wouldn't turn out so great..." her voice trailed off, not wanting to even think about the other possible outcomes.

"Oh! I packed alot. Probably too much for all of us, but oh well. And it's fine, really! At least you got to sleep in a bit, huh?" Giving the basket to Kairi, she said, "Here, take a look for yourself~ I know I packed some sandwiches, apples, ohh and a potato salad, though I dunno if they're like it or not, umm some drinks..." The list went on and on.
Nikkisiriusxremus on August 21st, 2007 05:19 am (UTC)
Sora gave a happy laugh into Riku's ear at the soft protests, his arms hung tight around the other as he felt those arms go into place to support him. He never clung too tightly or harshly, not that there was ever a need to when it came to Riku.

Just tell me beforehand next time, will you?

"I didn't know really until just before you got there," Sora spoke softly not wishing to upset Luke or the girls. "you make it seem like I plan these things." Sora nuzzled the other's neck again and squeezed his arms once in a hug. One more wouldn't ruin their time together, and if Riku was going to keep acting like this well Sora knew that later he would just have to make sure he made it up to the other ( how was another question all together ).

Looking back at the girls and Luke when he heard them talking about the food he grinned. "Hopefully you really did bring enough!" Namine insisted that she had brought more than, but since this was there first meeting they really had no idea the size or rather the endless pit that Sora's stomach was. He could eat for an army and still have room for more.
Luke: TRK11: STRE FORTEyielded on August 21st, 2007 05:57 pm (UTC)
“Lake?” Luke didn’t bother to hide the perk in his interest. His presence had mostly been reluctant up until now but the prospect of seeing the lake interested him. Despite the proximity of the city to the lake and the number of canals that slashed through the land Luke had never really seen a lake.

“Yeah, I’m Luke,” he replied belatedly and a little absently as he listened to Naminé list what she had brought. He didn’t really care about what there was to eat or drink. A Lake, he wondered what it was like in real life. Luke kept those thoughts to himself though, knowing it would just be odd to the other teens why he was so curious about something so simple. He just stuffed his hands in his pockets, casually following the group even if he felt the tingle of impatience that urged him to walk faster or run, to sooner see the lake.
Riku: RIKU // comtemplative [doujin]silvernightfall on August 24th, 2007 03:26 am (UTC)
"Well, you make it seem like you planned it," Riku shrugged to counter Sora's accusation, although he knew that wasn't true at all.

Sora was just that kind of person, warm-hearted and generous, and he knew there was no hidden intentions behind his invitation. Why did it bother him so much, then? Even he couldn't tell. Perhaps it was simply because he didn't want Sora to be nice to anyone but him. Perhaps it was because he feared that the more people he'd meed, the more he'd realize that Riku wasn't good enough for him.

But no matter the reason, he knew he was being selfish.

"I just don't get why you insisted so much, when it was obvious he didn't want to come with us," he added, his tone darker.

And then Sora decided to hug him, and he couldn't help that shiver that ran down his spine, making him want to drop him right there, to pin him down on the grass and ravish him on the spot.

"Hope you brought cold water," he said, a comment meant for Naminé, and he frowned and sighed and felt as though that day would never end.
maidkairi on August 24th, 2007 04:00 am (UTC)
Kairi found herself listening to Luke respond to Naminé and keeping silent. She usually liked to engage into conversation with people, but her attention was drawn to Riku and Sora. The latter was nuzzling the former's neck, and she couldn't help but wonder if the two were an item. Riku liked men, of that she was sure, but she had little inclination that Sora swayed that way. Maybe it was her foolish hopes of finding a boyfriend somewhere around the house that propelled her to think that he was a straight boy. He was adorable and she could definitely see them as an item... if only, if only.

Luke had finished talking and Kairi saw an opening to start a conversation to get Sora off her mind. She blushed a little and started to talk.

"So... what's your favorite food, Luke? Maybe I'll prepare it for you sometime at the Pavilion." Kairi took great pride in her culinary skills which had been greatly refined recently.

maidnaminemaidnamine on August 26th, 2007 02:23 am (UTC)
"There's even some pie..." Naminé's voice trailed off as she realized that no one was really paying attention to her. She looked around. Everyone seemed to be in their own little world. Sora and Riku were ahead, talking among themselves and being touchy-feely. Kairi was gazing at them, with her daydream look on her face. And Luke was looking ahead, not at Riku and Sora, but at the direction of the lake.

Naminé's mind also started to wander. Looking again at the old friends, then again at Kairi, she sighed. Knowing her sister, she probably was thinking of one of the boys and how cute he looked or something. Naminé shook her head, smiling slightly. That was never Naminé's thing - to gaze at boys and whatnot. That was always Kairi.

Hearing Sora and Riku's remarks at her food, she snapped back from her thoughts.

"I really did bring alot! You'll see later!" Naminé grinned back at Sora.

"And yeah, I brought cold water," she replied back at Riku, digging through the basket to bring out two bottles, still frosty from being in ice. She held them high in the air so Riku could take a look. "See?"
Sorahislight on August 26th, 2007 03:25 am (UTC)
I just don't get why you insisted so much, when it was obvious he didn't want to come with us.

"He was alone... and he's our age? Doesn't he have any friends?" Sora asked curiously, but he doubt Riku really knew. "He didn't even know what a picnic was ... I guess that's weird, but that's more reason for him to come along and have a good time." Sora's fingers tapped atop Riku's collar as he offered the other a little nuzzle with the side of his head.

Sora looked back when Naminé held up the bottles of water and spoke about the food again. He grinned wildly, "Awesome! You're going to need a lot with me around!" He gave a hearty laugh and swung his feet just a little.
championing on August 26th, 2007 04:12 am (UTC)
Luke was in his own little world even though he was walking with all of them. He only paid enough attention to make sure he was still going the same way as everyone else and only because he wanted to see the lake. He wasn’t really hungry.

His gaze flicked to Kairi at her question. Harmless as her question was it took him a moment to decide what he liked. Luke was a lot better at telling people what he didn’t like. Fish, carrot, milk, mushrooms. What he liked took a bit longer to narrow down. “I like chicken…and shrimp?” he responded with a slight frown as he tried to think if there was anything else he liked. “Depends,” everything about Luke depended on his mood after all.

“How far is the lake?” he asked curiously, trying to look past… the horizon? Was that the horizon or just a line of houses breaking it?
ex_cloaked681 on August 26th, 2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
"How should I know?" Riku shrugged, and quite frankly he couldn't care less whether he did have any friends or not. "If people tell you they don't wanna go, that's usually because they don't wanna go."

Of course he spoke for himself; that was how he was. He didn't like being surrounded by people and enjoyed his time alone. Only Sora's presence never bothered him. Riku wasn't exactly the kind of person you could call 'friendly'.

He didn't even know what a picnic was...

"And suddenly it's become my problem?" he said as he gave a little sigh.

Sora was quite his opposite. So joyful, so kind, always willing to befriend people, no matter who they were. Second chances for him weren't rare, while for Riku, they were nonexistent.

Just dropping it would have been the best solution, but he couldn't rid of that frustrated feeling that ate his insides. Sora laughed at that moment, which eased him a little, but not enough to make him smile.

"Nevermind," he surrendered at last, his eyes fixed on the horizon. "I'll just shut up and eat."
maidkairi on August 26th, 2007 11:57 pm (UTC)
Kairi glanced past Riku and saw an area that would be perfect for the picnic. Right by the lake, plenty of trees for shade. This place was where she had originally planned having a picnic, before this whole business started.

"It's right ahead!" she replied cheerfully to Riku.

Because she had woken up late, she had not had a chance to eat anything today. The hunger inside of her was building and she would soon have to lunge for the picnic basket for sustenance. Her stomach rumbled and she blushed a deep red.

"Oh... I hope nobody heard that." she muttered to herself as she tried to hide the same in her face.
maidnaminemaidnamine on August 27th, 2007 03:56 am (UTC)
"Chicken and shrimp, huh?" Once again digging through the basket, Naminé found what she was looking for. "You're lucky then - I brought some chicken salad sandwiches, so hopefully you'll like 'em~!"

Naminé could see the lake a little ways ahead. She began to feel excited. Oh, how great it would be to just relax for awhile. Ever since she and Kairi left home, there was never any time to enjoy life. It was always "look for work, look for food, survive." Well, now it's just "are the rooms cleaned? Are the meals cooked? Are we doing our job right?" Naminé didn't even have much time to draw, which was one of her favorite hobbies.

"Whoo! We're almost there~!" She cheered, feeling truly happy, which was a rare feeling for her lately.